Girls Sweet Sailor Costume


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Ahoy, kiddo! We heard you recently acquired your own pair of sea legs, and we’re here with some good news. We bought a brand new ship, the S.S. Sweet, and didn’t even think to invest in a crew, or supplies, or a captain! We can take care of most everything, we think, but we need from you a commitment to our new seafaring vessel!Come on, please, do just this one thing for us? We have one condition, though: you have to wear our Girls Sweet Sailor Costume. You’ll look neat in this nautical style, we promise! It’s red, white, and blue, and you’ll love the cute pleated skirt. If you bring your own white tights and red shoes you’ll really pull off this look!Not only do you get the sweet satisfaction of exploring where no little adventurer quite like yourself has been, you also get the powerful feeling that comes with conquering the sea! You’ll be like Moby Dick… or if that reference isn’t quite your thing yet, you’ll be like Dora the Explorer on a cool boat! Bonus points if you bring a matching raft like the one in the picture. Extra bonus points if you bring a good attitude, some comfy chairs, and chocolate chip cookies! Or, like, anything at all. Can you bring some bread and cheese? Boy, the ocean really gives you an appetite.