Girl’s Statue of Liberty Costume


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Monument MeetupWant to know a little known American secret? After the summer rush is over and all the kids go back to school, the national monuments all meet up in Washington D.C. to catch up. It’s a good time, despite being a little hectic. Usually, they just meet up at the Washington Memorial reflecting pool just to keep things simple. Most of the other memorial monuments are nice and close. Just imagine how hard it is for all the monuments to travel. The four presidents on Mount Rushmore all carpool, of course. Lincoln doesn’t mind getting up and stretching, he checks out his neighborhood before meeting up with Martin Luther King to compare nates. But everyone gets most excited when Lady Liberty gets to the party. Why? Cause she lights up the night, of course! Details & DesignThis lovely Statue of Liberty costume is Made by Us so you know it’s well-designed and high-quality. The green fabric is beautifully draped on the front bodice and has draped short sleeves to match. The dress zips up the side and falls to the ankles and has a nice amount of sway so it looks graceful while walking or even dancing! The look is topped off with a light-weight foam crown and a matching torch that’s a foot long so it’ll stand out but it won’t get heavy. Marching OrdersIs your kiddo heading out for a Fourth of July parade? Maybe she just wants a patriotic costume this Halloween, either way, she can be sure to bring pomp and circumstance in a way that only Lady Liberty can. Want to head out as a family? You can dress up in a variety of our Fourth looks… you could even spring for a bald eagle costume. Wear this however you want, it’s a free country, after all!