Girl’s Poodle Skirt Costume Dress


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Every decade has its memorable style. Some are fantastic and leave us wishing to bring those eras back. Others… not so much. The bright rainbow legwarmers of the ‘80s might be a thing we can let go… maybe. And, rumors are that Disco is long dead, despite several efforts to bring it back into the modern day. There is certainly something to the ‘70s and the groovy style that it had to offer, just like the ‘60s and its flower power peace and love.But, there is something about the decade even before that which warms the heart. The retro look, the joy that came from simple pleasures, the perfectly pleasant atmosphere of the suburban life. The ability to relax at an ice cream parlor and dance to some upbeat tunes is something we all probably miss. But, who can argue with having access to almost all the world’s information at the touch of a smart screen!? But, that is where the magic of modernity allows for us to have both at once!Now you can let your kiddo know exactly how great the earlier times were by transporting back to the swell 1950’s with this Poodle Skirt Dress. It is a great way to celebrate all things retro black and white striped jersey bodice and the shining pink skirt, complete with a black poodle appliqué and silver sequined leash. The faux leather belt with its round buckle gives a nice contrast to the brighter shades around it. Finish off the base look with an adorable black scarf that can be worn around the neck or head and your kiddo will be ready to bop at the parlor! Available in multiple sizes in case you want to go along and be seemingly sweet sisters!