Girls Harry Potter Professor McGonagall Deluxe Costume


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Two In OneEvery year, we all have to go through the long list of things that we’d like to dress up as for Halloween. Maybe we’ve been lucky enough to shorten the list over the years but, far more likely, we just keep adding to it. It’s tough to go for every look when we’re only costuming up once or twice a year. And your kiddo might have many years of costume fun ahead of them, but they also probably have about double the ideas and are anxious to go for each right now. We can’t blame them. That’s why we get so excited when we see a character who can help cross off a couple of costumes in a single go. Professor Minerva McGonagall is a perfect example. Here, we have a brilliant professor at Hogwarts who is also a profoundly talented Animagus. With the ability to shapeshift into a cat any time she likes, this prowling professor manages to spy on students while perfecting her other powers. So, there! Professor McGonagall checks off your kid’s want to be a teacher, witch, and a cat all in one go! Product DetailsStart with the human side of the look with this Deluxe Professor McGonagall costume. This is a full-length, black dress with long angel sleeves and a deep V-neck with black ruffles for that prim and proper professor look. The pointed hat is professional and the peak of spellcasting perfection. (Really, the only thing that could make this look better is a Cat costume on the side.)  Kitty Costume, Too!We’re not suggesting that your tyke is going to need to perform some kind of magical quick-change from a McGonagall makeover to kitten couture in a single go, of course. But, when your tyke dresses up in this McGonagall Deluxe look one year and one of our cat costumes the next, they’ll still be able to claim they’re the best Hogwarts Professor!