Girl’s Dashing Vampiress Costume


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When your daughter came back from summer camp with that bite on her neck you were alarmed but she didn’t seem to be bothered and it wasn’t infected so you didn’t think much about it after a while. Then, your little girl seemed to change in subtle ways. It was hard to even notice at first but after a while, you started to wonder, was that only a pesky mosquito that bit your daughter in her camp cabin? First, it started with her sleeping habits. She’s always fought her bedtime but now she’s taken her habit of sleeping late to a whole new level. She spends most of her time awake listening to organ music in a dark room while twirling around in her cloak. Yeah, you don’t know where she got that cape either. Anyway, it’s not just her sleep patterns that have been interrupted, her diet has been changing as well. While she used to prefer her burgers burnt to a crisp she now likes them to briefly touch the grill, keeping the middle as raw as you’ll allow it to be. With her new love of the freshest meat and her new style, you probably know what’s up with her. She’s a full blown vamp. It should have been obvious. She never liked velvet before and now she’s got a deep love for the soft fabric in red and black. Well, there’s only one thing left to do. Lean in. That’s right! Your sharp-teethed kiddo will love this dashing ensemble with the high collared velvet coat and the ruffled white dickey. Your child will have that chic yet dangerous look she’s been going for. In the dramatic collar and cuffs, she’ll feel like she came straight from Drac’s castle rather than your humble cul-de-sac. While you never pictured this future for your child, at least she’ll feel confident while stalking through the night for her prey. Whatever you do, don’t blame yourself for the transformation, after all, summer camp changes everyone.