Girls Burglar Costume


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Be Still, My Stealing Heart She stole your heart from the first moment you saw her, but it’s only gotten worse since then. First, a few cookies went missing from the cookie jar. Then, your birthday cake had a finger-shaped hole in the frosting, and the baker swore it wasn’t there when the cake left the shop. Then, your jewelry started to disappear from its drawers and reappear on your daughter when it was time to play dress up. You had your suspicions, but you didn’t know for sure… Until the fateful day of your daughter’s softball game. It was sunny, perfect weather. You were drinking ice cold water from your spot on the bleachers. Your daughter smiled beautifully and waved at you from second base and you waved back. You were so proud of her! But then, before you knew it, she’d stolen third. Her team cheered, and it all came together: the cookies, the birthday cake, the flower necklace, the pumpkin earrings. They’d all been stolen by her, too! And you’d been none the wiser.Fun DetailsThis Halloween let her steal the show in this Girls Burglar Costume. The black and white striped dress is super soft for comfort and stretchy so she can easily escape any tight squeezes. There are two black pockets on the front so she can carry any gadgets she might need for the job. The black hat, gloves, and velvet eye mask will help keep her identity a secret. This ensemble even includes a money bag for her stash, be it trick-or-treating candy or cookies. This burglar costume is so cute she’ll want to be caught in it!Once More, with StealingYou can play the cop and she can play the robber, and she can finally learn that stealing has consequences. She’ll be inspired to do only good in the future, and she’ll even apologize for all those lost cookies. She’ll be empowered to break through the glass stealing, we mean ceiling! Whether she’s slinking through the neighborhood trick-or-treating or creeping to a Halloween party, she’s sure to make memories worth stealing. We mean keeping!