Girl’s Brown Coat Pirate Costume


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What will you be when you grow up is the question asked to every young lad and lass and the variety of answers are as many as there are children asked. Your kiddo has had a number of answers over the years. Lawyer, doctor, astronaut, deep-sea diver, foreign spy, housewife, alien bounty hunter… each occupation more dangerous and adventuresome than the previous one given. You’ve attempted to temper her ambitions with calm encouragement, but who can ever prepare for when their young lady says that she is ready to set sail to the vast seas and conquer the lands under her skull and crossbone flag? Indeed, your girl is ready to add her names to the dangerous list of ship-sailing buccaneers in her effort to become the greatest pirate captain in history! Could you be more proud!?Of course, the seven seas are a dangerous place, but what the Black Pearl Orientation doesn’t tell you is just how cold it can get in the late nights when the sea sprites get really active and douse the whole environment with a mist that makes everything near frigid! It’s no doubt time to help your girl write her name into the pages of history and riches, but maybe we should be sure that she’s fully geared up. You can take the first step with this Girl’s Brown Coat Pirate costume. This stylish costume riffs on classic pirate themes, and creates a look that any little lady would be proud to wear to sea. The brown faux suede dress with bodice insert gives the perfect period look while also keeping those cold nights at bay. The lacy and ivory layers keeps the look feminine while the matching brown top skirt reminds the crew that this lady is serious and has her eye keenly on her share of the treasure—and maybe some of theirs! Faux suede boot tops with a classic pirate styling flaps over the ankles and the matching belt comes in a variety of sizes to ensure optimal style and comfort. Finish the look with the maroon head scarf with pirate flag design and she’s ready to tackle every threat on the seas.