Girls Blue Police Officer Costume


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Short Arm of the LawKids know when something ain’t right. They have a solid sense of justice from a young age. Don’t let their stature fool you… they’ll be onto you when you sneak some of their Halloween candy after they’ve gone to bed. So, you got to ask yourself, is it worth it to do something wrong if you are going to get in trouble for it? Especially when your daughter is the one that catches you in the act? “I only had one Laffy Taffy!” won’t really work with your rule-abiding girl. Stealing is stealing when Laffy Taffy is involved…While you might not get to indulge your sweet tooth this Halloween without permission, her sense of right and wrong is a great thing in the end. She’s always there to remind you “click it, or ticket, mom and dad.” Maybe she keeps a running tally of every swear word you say. You are just waiting for the day she starts fining you for each transgression. And that’s not even to mention the way she knows if you’ve skimped on getting her the best Halloween costume.Product DetailsThis Girl’s Blue Police Officer Costume has all the right details to say Police without sacrificing any of the fun style you expect from a solid costume for girls. It comes with the dress, hat with a realistic silver badge attached. If you talk back to her authority she can just point at that badge. It’ll come in handy, for her, anyway.