Ghostbusters Womens Costume T-Shirt


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Who’s she gonna call?You ain’t afraid of no ghosts. And only girls like you can handle the kind of evil the mad scientists and crazy ghosts of New York City are throwing at you. Because you’re a lady ghostbuster, and you’ve got all the training and equipment you could possibly need to conduct those metaphysical examinations. But there IS the issue of the slime. It’s like it takes you personally sometimes, right? It gets everywhere – and we mean everywhere. And it’s very, very hard to wash off. As you probably know by now. So why waste all that time getting your gear clean over and over again when you could just pop on this Women’s Costume Ghostbuster T-Shirt the next time you’re heading out on the business of ghost catching and mad scientist busting? And, honestly, sometimes you just don’t have time to completely suit up. For those days, too, the t-shirt is the answer. It’s comfy and quick and gets you out the door and onto the trail of a ghost right away. Lucky for you, the slime washes right out of this polyester and cotton t-shirt – except for the slime that’s printed on it, that is. Maybe it will deter malevolent ghosts from adding more? There’s a proton pack printed on the back, too, to make the look official. And don’t worry at all. The city will still have faith that you can solve any paranormal activity whether you’re in this t-shirt or in your official ghostbusting gear.