Ghostbuster Ecto-1 Car Bag


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“We got one!”When Janine shouts that phrase, it’s time to hustle. It means some unfortunate client has a ghoulish problem and they need help on the double. With only a few precious minutes to get to the scene, the Ghostbusters need to suit up in their uniforms and load up the Ecto-1 with their ghost-catching gear. Proton Packs, P.K.E. Meter, and the Ghost Trap all need to be packed and ready to go.If you’re headed to a ghastly party to provide ghostbusting assistance, then you need to be ready to go in an instant! This Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Bag Accessory is perfect for the job. You can load it up with all of your necessities and ghost hunting gear to be prepared for any supernatural activity.Design & DetailsInspired by the car from the classic Ghostbusters films, this Halloween bag accessory was designed with Ghostbusters cosplay in mind. It has a vinyl outer shell and has an appliqued & printed image of the Ecto-1 on the front. The shoulder strap is length-adjustable and the zipper compartment has enough space for your phone, your wallet, or other ghostbusting necessities. Wear it with your Ghostbusters costume for a totally retro look!