Ghost Face Light Up Lantern Prop Hidden


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A Haunting FaceEveryone told you not to go in, but your curiosity won out and now you find yourself creeping through the ancient home at the end of your street. Every floorboard creaks under your steps as you approach a dusty grand staircase. When you touch the handrail a terrifying whisper rips through the foyer. You’re startled, but there’s nothing around. On the second floor landing, you find an old lantern and decide to light it before the house is consumed by fall shadows. As you tour the second floor a doorknob rattles behind you, but when you turn to check its source nothing is there. Then a door slams. You scream, but once again see nothing that could have caused the disturbance. Refusing to let everything think you couldn’t explore the entire house you go back downstairs and head for the basement. It’s pitch black. You raise your lantern and step into the abyss. Out of the corner of your eye, you see movement. A trick of the light? You turn, hoping to catch something this time. As you raise your lantern to your face you see two hollow eyes staring directly into yours.Product DetailsLevel up the haunted vibe of your Halloween decorations with this Hidden Ghost Face Light Up Lantern Prop. The low glow lantern will cast the perfect amount of spooky light around your home while the gaunt face of a ghost stares from behind the lantern bulb. Simply plug the black metal lantern in and let its creepy aura spread.Haunt Your HomeYou don’t have to visit the condemned building down the street to experience something truly haunting. Add this spooky lantern prop to your Halloween décor and you’ll have the makings of your very own haunted home every time you turn it on!