Get ‘Em Tiger Face Mask


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You Do YouPop Quiz: Can you be a Halloween enthusiast who does not like face paint? Answer: A resounding Yes!We’ve heard whisperings lately that we’re elitists who think a true costume must transform its wearer from head to toe. And while it’s true that we love a good body paint, face paint, wig, and the like, we also appreciate that some people just aren’t into it. It’s a lot of work! Maybe you have sensitive skin, or a shaky hand…maybe you have your own reasons for not wanting to paint your face this Halloween. That’s A-OK with us! But, we still want to see that 100% costume effort! This Get Em’ Tiger Face Mask is perfect for you. It enables you to transform fully into your tiger costume without a lick of face paint. Rather than washing off those stripes at the end of the night, you can simply slip this mask off your face, brush your teeth, and hit the sack. Plus, you can wear it to the office on Halloween, when a full costume may not be called for. Product DetailsThis awesome double-layer mask turns your mug into a tiger muzzle! It has stretchy cord ear straps and a pocket for a filter (filter not included). Breathable, washable, and reusable, this tiger mask almost makes us rethink painting our own faces for Halloween…almost.