German Beer Girl Costume for Adults


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To Your Health!Wouldn’t it be great if instead of medicine, doctors still recommended fresh mountain air? You could book a trip to the Swiss Alps and legitimately claim that your vacation was a health expense. Unfortunately, that’s not likely to be a liable excuse to dive into German culture these days. Our suggestion for your Bavarian cravings? Have an adorable dirndl costume on hand so you’ll feel that much closer to that alpine persona you know is deep down inside you. Oh, what’s that you say? You need more ways to feel like you’re living in the Alps? Our pleasure. Firstly, partake in a Bavarian breakfast consisting of white sausage, a pretzel, mustard, and a beer. It’s an imaginary vacation after all. Secondly, eat a Bavarian lunch featuring Spätzle which is basically boiled dough with cheese sauce. And thirdly, finish off your day with a Bavarian dinner accompanied by Polka music. Oh, we realize our only advice is about food but when it comes down to it, Oktoberfest is about three things: food, music, and traditional costumes!Product DetailsThis Made-By-Us alpine beauty costume is sure to be unique among run-of-the-mill dirndl costumes. Our designers researched Oktoberfest costumes and designed this faux suede vest with embroidered details after the traditional looks from Alpine villages. The light green gingham skirt is accented with a soft green apron giving you a fresh look that would look right at home in the mountains. Prost!This German look is sure to go over well at many festivals from Polka parties, to Oktoberfest, to Frühlingsfest. So, when you’re choosing a costume pick a look that will hold up through a few pints and turns around the dance floor. Just braid your hair and let the Alpine spirit take over. Soon enough you’ll find yourself wearing a pretzel necklace and pontificating about different types of mustard. However or whatever you’re celebrating, this costume is sure to make you feel wunderbar!