Genie and Magic Lamp Costume


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There are only a few important rules that all genies must adhere to: no one can wish for more wishes, an obvious rule to prevent a genie from hanging out with the same wish-seeker until the end of time; no wishes to return the dead back to life, because everyone should have learned by the first few horror flicks about that subject that it never works out as expected, anyway; and, of course, no mortal can wish for another mortal to fall in love with them! That last one is generally the real tough one for people to follow, so all genies must be prepared for wishers to try to come up with innovative ways to get around that problem… like wishing for things that others tend to love. (Of course, that never works out either.)Beyond that, you’re pretty much open to grant wishes as you desire. But, the one thing few genies are prepared for is when the wishers end up falling in love with you! Let’s face it: you’re a pretty good catch. A hot genie all bottled up for countless generations, just waiting for someone to rub your lamp the right way and release you from your containment, and unlimited cosmic power to boot! It is not hard to imagine while people would be flocking to garner your attention.So, with all that in mind, we feel that you’re ready to go out into the world and tackle the legion of mortals seeking your attention. Before you go, though, be sure to don your traditional genie garb, this Genie and Magic Lamp costume. The green polyester vest with bright gold accents will give a clear call to your mystical nature, though the gold tasseled hat is certainly an additional giveaway. Golden wrist cuffs keep you bound to your oaths—no removing those, now!—and, naturally, your lamp will be the star attraction of the night. A vivid polyfoam lamp belt features gray smoke netting and clear instructions for anyone unfamiliar with the rules of making a genie come to grant their wishes! Make some magic happen, but remember those rules!