Garter with Dagger


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Are your true intentions rather cruel? Well, you should probably aim to keep that information to yourself. If you plan to successfully be extra secretive this Halloween, then make sure you add this Garter with Dagger to any costume you plan on wearing. We know you may think that you can only do so much with a hidden dagger but you would be quite surprised at the practicality of this accessory. You can easily be a swashbuckling pirate with a secret weapon. Yes, we admit that one is kind of a gimme, but what about this possibility, you’re an espionage specialist that always has a backup plan up your sleeve (or in this case wrapped around your thigh). You could even be a princess concealing her first line of defense! With this simple and secretive accessory, there are close to endless possibilities. So, before you think any costume you’ve planned out is complete, really ask yourself whether or not your costume be made even better when this Garter and Dagger is included.