Gangster Suit Adult 1920s


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Listen Up, Wise Guys!It’s the Roaring Twenties, and you and your friends are heading to the newest club in town. You heard it just opened, and it’s already the bee’s knees (fantastic). According to the latest chin music (gossip), there’s going to be a big blow (party) tonight, as long the bull (police) don’t find out and cast a kitten (throw a fit). So far, everything is Jake (a-okay), so you get yourself all dolled up (dressed up) in your glad rags (club clothes) and take a dimbox jaunt (taxi ride) to the club, ready for a nifty (great) time.Once you arrive, you notice there are plenty of skirts (gals) and fellas (guys) already zozzled (drunk), and a bunch more hoppers (dancers) out on the dance floor—though some of them are heelers (bad dancers), probably due to all the giggle water (booze) they’ve already consumed. There sure are some swanky (high class) looking folks here—gangsters, authors, politicians, even movie stars! But you know you’re able to hold your own in your nifty Adult 20s Gangster Suit. No one’s gonna mess with you tonight!Product DetailsWhether you’re attending the latest secret speakeasy or planning a high-scale heist with your gang, you’ll do it in style with this Adult 20s Gangster Suit. The flint-gray jacket comes with two faux front pockets and sharp lapels, while the matching gray pants have an elastic waistband for easy fit. (Even gangsters want to be comfy!) There’s also a matching gray newsboy cap to complete the outfit.The Costume of the DecadeWhen you’re dressed this sharply, none of the other gangters will dare try to cross you, and the police won’t even be brave enough to break up your speakeasy. Now you can just relax and party like it’s 1929!