Gangster Girl Costume – Mobster Costumes for Women


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Move over, Al Capone—there’s a new face of fear in town. When most people think “mobster” they think of men (thanks again, Hollywood!); however, many highly horrible ladies roamed the speakeasies and streets, too: Helen Gillis (aka Mrs. Baby Face Nelson), Opal “Mack Truck” Long (one of Dillnger’s “Terror Gang”) and of course, Bonnie Parker (we’re giving her solo billing over Clyde) just to name a few. Show up to any costume party in this Gangster Girl Costume and you’ll help remind the boys that try as they might, they don’t quite have the mob market cornered. You’re fierce. You’re fearsome. And at least while you’re dressed like this, you always ride shotgun. Always. Your guy friends have a thing or two coming if they think they can swindle you out of the last drink or forget to pay you back for that pizza from last week. You always settle your debts—though they may not like how you handle things.To prep for tonight’s performance, you practiced your intimidation speech while slipping into this mini dress that’s styled to look like a skirt with suspenders over a white blouse. Then you had a sloe gin fizz or two and secured the necktie collar before topping off your look with your own finds: a fedora, tall boots, and a toy Tommy gun. We think you tastefully terrible in this ensemble, and we’re glad to know there are some bad babes keeping those mob men “honest.” And you don’t have to worry about us—as far as we’re concerned we never saw you here.