Game of Thrones Oathkeeper 27″ Foam Sword


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Westeros is one crazy place. One day you’re trying to avoid assassination while navigating the tempestuous political minefield of the royal houses. The next day White Walkers are at the freakin’ gates turning your well-trained soldiers into mincemeat. Danger lurks around every corner and you can never really trust anyone, which is why the only comfort you can get while traveling through Westeros is a tempered piece of Valyrian steel! Yes, it’s time to answer the riddle of steel with a sword of your own!Well, unfortunately, we haven’t quite mastered the technique of forging Valyrian steel, but we do have this Game of Thrones Oathkeeper replica sword. The 27″ long sword is made out of foam, so it probably won’t do you much good if you find yourself in the midst of a White Walker assault. It will, however, make you look as skilled as Brienne of Tarth. And that might be enough to sway a brigand or two from trying to pick a fight with you.