Galaxy Skeleton Costume for Girls


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A Boney Blast-offWhy did the little skeleton girl rocket into outer space? Because she was bone to be wild! Who says you can’t be a skeleton and a space cadet at the same time? It makes sense, skeletons don’t really have to worry about drinking water or eating food which can be tricky in a zero-gravity environment. The only thing skeletons really have to worry about when it comes to space travel is one of their bones coming loose from their bare scaffolding. It’s not a big deal when it’s the tibia or ulna slips loose but when cranium escapes from the spine, that’s a real problem but it’s also very entertaining to watch. The skeleton astronauts simply flail around the spaceship until they find the cranium and screw it back onto their neck. While the undead probably won’t ever take over NASA, we think the skeleton crew on the Monster Mash Shuttle deserves a little more respect. Product DetailsYour little girl will look both tough and wild in this black and multi-colored outfit. The top has a black hood and is fitted with an ombre toned ribcage and bones down the arms. The skeletal theme is repeated on the black leggings as well. Your little girl will love the fluffy sparkly skirt with a ragged hemline on the upper layer. Galactic GhostWhile this skeleton costume might not have moon boots or a helmet, it still will make your child feel out of this world. She’ll feel like she could take to the stage and rock on like a true star. The ensemble is perfect for walking the halls of school before it’s time for trick-or-treating. And while we might think of both the skeleton and space travel lifestyle as a dark place to be, this skeleton girl will beg to differ. It’s tough to beat the bright and colorful intergalactic life of the space age skeleton!