Fuzzy Pink Bunny Costume for Women


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PINK STUFF & FLUFFWe never understood why dressing as a giant pink rabbit is offputting for some. A particular Christmas movie highlights how traumatic wearing a pink outfit adorned with floppy bunny ears is and honestly, we’re bewildered by the character’s negative experience. It doesn’t sound so bad to us because first of all, pink is a calming color. Upon seeing it, our hearts explode with warm fuzzy feelings. Speaking off fuzzy, what’s not to like about fuzz? Or fluff. The plush, luxurious fabric envelops the entire body in a dreamy, cloud-like layer and instantly, you’re transported to a happier place. Sign us up! If the pink bunny costume has inspired you to have the following thought: “Wow, I want to look like a rabbit who’s been freshly dipped into a cotton candy machine,” then congrats, because you’re our new best friend. And double congrats, because you can be a cotton candy cottontail with the help of the women’s fuzzy pink bunny costume. A lot less sticky than being wrapped in the fluffy fair treat, the animal-themed costume is the perfect mix of fancy and cuddly. Prove to skeptics that being a pink bunny is actually a magical experience and what are you waiting for? Hop to it!DESIGN & DETAILSIf you couldn’t tell by now, our talented design team has a penchant for glitter and faux fur. The pink, fluffy hoodie has a full zipper down the front, real pockets on both sides and functioning drawstrings to tighten or loosen the bunny-ear hood. The large bunny ears feature gold sequins in the interior to add a touch of razzle-dazzle to this unexpected bunny costume. Elastic in the wrist cuffs and hemline create a fitted look while the white tights have gold printed hearts throughout. ODDS & ENDSYou’ll be hard to miss while dressed as a fluffy pink bunny but there are a few extras that can be added to make sure the costume is unparalleled. A white and pink bunny makeup application is always a good idea.