Furry Purple Panda Costume for Toddlers


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Where to begin? Let’s start with saying it was a few years ago. Yeah, the year was 1344. That’s really a few years ago! The Ming dynasty ruled China, and in the high mountains of the Sichuan Province and a new panda presence made itself known on the animal scene. And this was a group of panda bears like no other. Because they were purple!Say it with us. Furry purple panda. Furry purple panda. Furry purple panda! It might seem like a stretch of the imagination, but the whole story’s true, it really is, and when the legend of the purple panda gets told to the children of this day and age, you can logically conclude that they only have one desire after hearing it. That they want to become the purple panda!Their wish is our command, which is why we happen to have this toddler’s purple panda ready for costume fun! This costume is a HalloweenCostumes.com exclusive, made and designed by us. We might not have had any purple pandas to model this style after, but we took a look at the Giant Pandas that we know and love today, and did our very best to bring this legend to life!Extra furry and luxuriously purple, this kid’s panda costume comes in sizes 2T and 4T to fit most toddlers. Styled as a hooded jumpsuit, fur mitts and booties complete the ensemble. With furry eyes sewn to the hood, any child is sure to be a very cute purple panda indeed!