Funshine Bear Pack of Face Masks


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Spreading Sunshine and SmilesIt’s hard to pick a favorite Care Bear. Cheer Bear always has such an upbeat attitude. Good Look Bear always seems to have fortune go in his favor. And Tenderheart is always so kind. But, if we had to choose just one bear, we might go with Funshine Bear. Why? Well, because he combines two of the best things in the world right his name: fun and sunshine!Funshine Bear likes to shine a light on dark times. He knows how to turn a not-so-nice situation around, right into a fun time that will leave a smile on everyone’s face! If you want to spread a few smiles, just like Funshine Bear, then all you need is this Care Bears face mask pack!Design & DetailsThese Funshine Bear Face Masks are officially licensed from the Care Bears. The pack comes with 3 different masks, each with a different design based on your favorite character. One has an all-over print of Funshine Bear on it, another one has his belly badge on it, and the last one is designed to look like Funshine Bear’s face. Each mask has contoured edges around the nose and chin for comfort. They also have an inner pocket designed for a filter (not included). They’re great for helping to reduce the spread of germs… and to help increase the spread of smiles!