Funny Couple’s Avocado Costume


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Let’s Have a ToastThey say that couples that brunch together, stay together. It seems to be true, though the jury is out on whether that’s due to Sunday morning Mimosas or the fact that they spend quality time together. Still, some of the best memories are made over avocado toast and hashbrowns. There was that time when you had just walked to your favorite spot when it started pouring outside and you both were happily stranded for three hours, staying until brunch turned to lunch. A lot happens over the brunch table, you might learn that your bestie is expecting or your sister is moving to town. Oh, the memories. With all that nostalgia over one simple meal, it makes sense that the avocado has become a beloved fruit to many couples. This Halloween, celebrate your love with the visually appealing superfood that’s been with you through brunch, taco Tuesday, and all the snacking in between!Product DetailsYou’ll get two costumes in one when you order this Couple’s Avocado Costume. The tunics are simple to through on, slipping over your head with ease. The lightweight material is dark green on the outside and a delicious-looking green on the inside. There’s a nut in the middle of one and a printed divet on the other. Lightweight and simple, these costumes can be used year after year because now that people have gotten a taste of avocado fun, it’s not going anywhere. Avocado is ExtraYou and yours know why restaurants ask for extra for guac. It’s because it’s worth it. When you’re heading out on Halloween night, you can walk with your head held high because you’re the most delightful of superfoods. And from now on, when you’re ordering avocado toast for Sunday brunch, you’ll know that you really are what you eat!