Funny Adult Turntable Costume


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For the RecordVinyl is dead. That’s what they said when cassette tapes came around. Then, when compact discs got popular, people said that vinyl was SUPER dead. Digital music exploded along with MP3 players and smartphones, and then, vinyl was dead, gone, and never coming back. Except… it wasn’t. Like a glorious phoenix rising from the ashes, vinyl records are back and bigger than ever! We can thank hipsters Millenials with thick glasses, old school audiophiles, and curious teens who want to dabble in classic rock, have all been stepping into the realm of record collecting. Now, everyone knows about records and the turntable isn’t just for DJs anymore! It truly is a beautiful, vinyl age we’re living in now!Well, if you love vinyl records and want to spread the good word of the textured sound of an album from 1972, then this Turntable Costume for adults is for you!Product DetailsThis simple costume comes with a poly-foam tunic that fits over your normal clothes. That makes this costume simple to slip into for your next costume party. The front is shaped like a turntable, including a turntable arm and a faux record in the center. The record has “Impostas” and “B Sides” printed on it. It has a faux speed calibration strobe, a faux power button, and a faux pitch control slider. One size fits most, so anyone who loves their vinyl records can wear this easy costume!The Costume of DJ HistoryWhether you’re an audiophile with a whole stack of records in your collection or you’re an aspiring DJ looking to show some love for the roots of the craft, this Adult Turntable Costume is exactly the outfit you need. Just slip it on over a pair of jeans and you’re ready to go!