Funny Adult Plastic Fork Costume


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Most Delicious of DishesPeople talk about getting out the nice silverware for fancy events. That’s nice. But aren’t those events always a little stiff and uncomfortable. Here’s our insight on parties. The best dishes are served alongside plastic cutlery. Think about it. People bring out the plastic cutlery when there’s ice cream cake or a homemade rhubarb crisp. Or even better, plastic cutlery comes out at potlucks where there’s something for everyone. Aunt Betty brings her awesome baked macaroni and cheese. Your friend Albert brings his Thai peanut salad. And then there are the desserts. Grandma’s trifle, your sister’s cheesecake bites, your neighbor’s creamy tiramisu. It’s all so good and it’s all transported to our mouths via the humble disposable fork. Want to celebrate all those delicious dishes? This fork will let everyone know that you understand that the yummiest things come in humble packages!Product DetailsThis costume is almost as simple as the humble plastic fork. The fork’s face slips over your head and has an opening for your human face so you can easily maneuver to the snack table. Wear your own clothes, this is truly a one size fits all costume. The soft fabric is comfortable to wear, making this costume an ideal candidate for events like parades and even 5K runs!Hungry for LaughsYou gotta eat. Why not celebrate every meal with this hilarious fork costume. Whether you’re raising money for your local food bank or you simply want to add a foodie twist to your Halloween costume, this is sure to be a hit. Feeling lonely? Family units will love bringing together a spoon, fork, and even a spork! And if you really flaunt your fork character right, this look might encourage the people around you to give you extra snacks. Now that’s food for thought!