Funny Adult Pay Phone Costume


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Gen Z Horror StoryGather ’round youngsters! It’s storytime. Did you know that a long time ago we didn’t have a telephone just sitting around in our pocket? No sir! We had to walk fifteen miles in the snow to get to something called… a pay phone. You had to go inside of a small room made out of glass that smelled like old gym socks. And then, you had to insert a coin into it before you could make a phone call. Then… you had to actually remember the phone number of the person you were trying to call.But Grandpa, what if you wanted to just text them?Oh, ho, ho, ho! That’s the thing little Billy. You COULDN’T text them. It hadn’t been invented yet!No! No! NOOOOO, it’s not true, Grandpa! It’s not true!Product DetailsIt IS true. All of it, except maybe the part about walking through the snow. If you’re a Millennial, a Generation X’er, or a Boomer, then this Adult Pay Phone Costume is a pretty familiar sight. It faithfully recreates the look of a classic pay phone with a simple foam tunic that has working buttons, printed details, and plenty of silver metallic fabric. The tunic fits over your normal clothes, making it an easy costume to change into. It also comes with an attached receiver, so you can pretend to make some important phone calls! It even comes with a small battery pack and speaker, so when you press the buttons, the costume makes various phone sounds. It all combines for a costume that has a truly authentic and retro feel that’s downright frightening to Generation Z kids.Livin’ in the Past… I don’t think I could live like that, Grandpa! How’d you do it?Well, it wasn’t easy, Billy, but trying to use a pay phone was the least of our problems. The really scary thing about growing up as a Millenial was the dinosaurs! Now, where’s my tapioca pudding?