Funny Adult Inflatable Red Wavy Arm Guy Costume




Celebrate in Style?There are some pretty ridiculous costumes out there. There are fried egg costumes, electrical outlet costumes, even potting soil mix costumes. Trust us, we’ve looked. The internet was made for crazy stuff like this, so if you’ve ever thought about something, it probably exists on the world wide web. Apparently, one day someone looked at the fluttering, flapping humanoid figure at the car dealership across the street and thought, “yep, that’s what I want to be for Halloween this year.” Honestly, we’re here for it! Get wiggling this spooky season in the Adult Inflatable Red Wavy Arm Guy Costume!Product DetailsThis costume is pretty straightforward. It’s all in the name, really—inflatable, red, and wavy arms are definitely included. The suit comes with its own inflation motor (batteries not included), so you won’t be struggling to get your flapping self inflated. Simply step in, zip up, and let the costume do the rest! This Arm Guy is extra cute with yellow tassels at the ends of the arms and around the crown of the head. Two huge eyes and a big smile complete the face. All this costume needs is your dancing skills!Flail the Night AwayIf you are looking for a dance floor costume, this has to be it! You’ll be bending, flailing, and waving all night long as the Red Wavy Arm Guy. There are holes for your arms and head, so you can properly fuel your dance with the necessary food and drink. Everyone will recognize you, and it will be easy to spot you across the room. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start practicing your balloon arm moves and building up your stamina. Those tube guys have a reputation to maintain, so give it everything you’ve got!