Funky Chicken Costume


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What’s the worst part about not taking a dare? Everyone calling you chicken! But if you happen to like being called a chicken, you don’t have to wait for someone to dare you to do something anymore, you just gotta toss on this Funky Chicken Costume. You won’t mind being called a chicken when you’re the coolest chicken at the party! Chickens aren’t usually the first guests to get invited to a party, but we think they should be. They can really shake a leg when they hit the dance floor, and if you’re trying to meet new people to date, chickens make the best wingmen. So everyone will be thrilled when you show up to the shindig as a funky chicken, and the host will appreciate you adding some pizzazz to their festivities. You know how that old saying goes: “When you party with a funky bird, the party’s bound to be preferred!” Okay fine, nobody has ever said that, but it’s still good advice. Trust us, you’ll be a hit! You’ll instantly start feeling more chicken-like the moment you step into this fluffy bodysuit. It has an attached matching hood with a big happy chicken expression on top, so you can even pretend your face is sticking out of the mouth of a giant chicken that ate you, if you want to! The fowl motif is completed with the included striped knee socks and orange shoe covers, so your legs look poultry-like as you strut around. And if someone calls you chicken, be sure to thank them for noticing!