Frisky Deer Ugly Christmas Sweater for Adults


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When anyone asks you what you might think of the meaning of the winter and holiday season, there are a number of answers that you’re sort of obligated to offer. The common answers, of course, are that it is a time of giving or that it is a moment where the family can get together and fight over the last turkey leg. Some might suggest that it is all about the presents. Of course, hundreds of holiday films profoundly argue that such meanings are false! Christmas spirit, they claim! World Peace, of course! But, can anyone really put a thumb down on what that means? Tangibly?It is tough to try to explain all of that fluffy supernatural and deep-in-the-heart sentiment! But, it is important, folks. You’ve got to bear your heart to the world. “Wear your heart on your sleeve,” they say. So, we have exactly the thing to help you do that. Show what the season really means to you with this… oh! Well… We didn’t know that’s what you were thinking. Kind of embarrassing, actually. But, we don’t judge. Who says the holidays can’t be about frisky deer enjoying themselves in the snow!? So, show us your feelings, friend, with this Adult Ugly Frisky Deer Sweater and… well, show everyone a little more than they expected, too!