Friday the 13th Beanie Jason Hockey Mask Roll Down


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A True Horror IconEveryone has their favorite horror movie icon. Usually, it’s the villain from the franchise that made them a fan of the genre in the first place. Some people love the dream stalking Freddy. Others love the immortal Michael Meyers. Then you have those that are fans of the killer doll Chucky and, of course, those that love rewatching Pennywise the dancing clown do his thing. You, however, are different. You love watching the Crystal Lake Killer take down camp counselors and whoever else gets in his way. Now, you can bring the infamous Jason Voorhees to life when you toss on this roll-down beanie.Product DetailsThis polyester knit fabric hat is black with Jason’s classic hockey mask printed on it. When you flip down the folded-up brim you again reveal his hockey mask, but with a little something different. Now, you have a mesh fabric that allows you to see through while the beanie covers your face. From a simple beanie to a facemask. Quite the transformation if you ask us.Love Him or Be HimWear this beanie as a new addition to your daily attire or make it your Halloween costume. The choice is yours. Be a fan of Jason or the next Jason!