Fresh 90s Costume for Adults


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From Pauper to PrinceYou know how it goes. You’re just chilling outside of school, shooting some hoops with a few friends, and then a couple of guys looking to make some trouble show up. Then, you end up having to spend some time with family on the west coast to stay out of trouble because your moms is scared. You might just have to teach them how you do things from your hood! It happens. The real question is what are you going to wear to make a good impression with the fams?Well, you need the kind of outfit that catches the eye. You need something with bright colors. You need something fresh—you know, something that makes you look like a self-proclaimed prince of the neighborhood! Well, feast your eyes on this Adult Fresh 90s Costumes.Design & DetailsOur costume designers worked hard to capture the very essence of the 90s in this colorful costume. The watched tons of 90s TV. They listened to a bunch of New Jack Swing and early 90s golden age hip hop. It shows in this retro design. This costume comes with a sweater and a pair of pants, both of which feature a brightly colored print design. The pants have an elastic band for a comfortable fit. Finally, the included chain comes in a metallic gold color to add a nostalgic touch to the whole outfit. Pair it all with your best pair of kicks and you can proclaim yourself the prince of your neighborhood!Definition of FlyWe recommend you brush up on your golden age hip-hop and break out some of your old-school swagger when you wear this Fresh 90s Costume. You’ll look fly, but you might have to explain what fly means to all these young kids running around these days.