French Fry Costume for Adults


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The Perfect FryPeople can get a little bit crazy about their french fries. We’re not here to judge! We love a perfect fry as much as the next person. The issue is that the concept of a perfect fry is different for everyone. Some people love an extra crispy fry, while others demand a soft interior. Others are more focused on the seasoning that some restaurants put on their fries. And we haven’t even talked about shapes yet! Thin or thick strips, wedges, curlies, waffle fries…the french fry may seem simple on the surface, but there are a lot of categories that people analyze when they bite into one. No matter what your favorite fry is, you can pay homage to this carb-licious treat in a Adult French Fries Costume!Product DetailsThis tunic style costume will have your mouth watering with all of its crunchy, salty details! The fabric and foam tunic slips over the head and has a hidden hood inside to keep your face lined up with the opening. Your head will be surrounded by golden fries, while the rest of the tunic features a classic red and white striped box that simply says “fries.” What more is there to be said? Food Stop, Anyone?We are definitely feeling hungry now! This costume will be the perfect reason to stop in at your favorite restaurant or fast food joint and pick up your idea of perfect fries. Oh, and could you pick up an order for us, too?