Frankenstein’s Monster Costume for Boys


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The story of Frankenstein is a classic scary story that’s been passed around for quite some time now. We’re pretty sure any kid that’s ever attended a sleepover has been told the tale of a mad scientist who brought a grotesque creation to life, only to discover the world’s not ready for such a monstrosity. Suddenly, mobs wielding pitchforks show up and well, everyone knows (or can assume) the unfortunate events to unfold. However, being the eternal optimists that we are, we attempted to give this well-known scary story a happy ending by making a costume which paints Frankenstein’s monster in a different (and friendlier) light.We decided to do a little experiment of our own and instead of creating a spooky Frankenstein costume, we designed one that’s a little bit more…inviting. No one will have the instinct to grab a pitchfork and start attacking once they see our boy’s Frankenstein monster costume. It’s more likely others will feel inspired to give a hug instead of sprinting in the opposite direction.           Our classic monster costume depicts a cartoonish version of the iconic green monster infamously known as “Frankenstein.” Young horror fans will love wearing the tattered jacket and pants with the coordinating headpiece and gloves. The appropriate monster-green headpiece and gloves are stuffed and plush, creating an animated look that’s both comfortable and fun to wear. All it takes is your child’s imagination to bring the costume to LIFE!