Foxy Hunter Women’s Costume


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hunting for answersHunting rookies must have a lot of questions for sharp shooters like yourself. Like, is there a strategy or does it take a lot of luck? Why would you call a buck a toad? How do you decide when to use a call and which one to use? Most importantly, how do you get up so early in the morning just to go sit in the cold, dark woods?product detailsThere will be no question about your hunting acumen in this Women’s Foxy Hunter Costume: a camouflage-print romper, cropped vest with small flap pockets, and felt-backed belt with silver plastic slide buckle. The toy weapon is sold separately, though, so you’ll have to snag your own if you’re going to pretend to pop shots.blahWhen you’re on the hunt, you’re sharp and serious but when you’re throwing back brewskis while you’re in civilization, you’ll be ready to give Bob a hard time about boogering the whole herd or Tanya about her weak attempt at bagging that forkie. Don’t feel bad about accepting those free drinks for taking down that buck in the pine. Whether you’re going to a whole different kind of hunting party or you’re dressing up for Halloween, in this jumpsuit there’s no doubt you’re a high caliber hunting hottie.