Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Costume for Kids


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Full SendNo need to wait days, weeks, or even months to finally get this rare skin on Fortnite. We’re practically giving it away. And not in the game, in real life! Now your little Fortnite fanatic can go out this Halloween with this Cuddle Team Leader Costume.In the game it is one of the rarest skins you can get, only having been available in the market a handful of times. Here, in the real world, you’re just a few clicks away from getting the same skin for your kiddo.They will love trick-or-treating with their friends and doing tons of different Fortnite dances from house to house. Who knows, perhaps all those hours of doing those silly dances will pay off. Maybe your neighbors will offer bigger and better candy bars to the best dancers.Design and DetailsThis hooded jumpsuit is about as soft as costumes come. It will be the comfiest costume your kiddo has ever worn. Besides the cozy jumpsuit, this costume also comes with a black belt. On the top of the hood are the 3D facial features of the pink teddy bear mask Cuddle Team Leader wears in the game. The wrists and ankle cuffs are made with a rib-knit. Be sure to get your little one a good pair of boots as well, dark pink or purple color is what we would suggest. Oh, and don’t forget a matching pair of gloves too!Take Home the WinHelp your kiddo dress up in one of the rarest skins from one of the most popular videogames this Halloween. We don’t quite know how one would ‘win’ at trick-or-treating because we think everybody wins on that amazing holiday. However, with this costume, we know your kiddo will figure out a way to bring home the “W” and get 1st place this year!