Formal Tuxedo Skin Suit


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There are so many situations where you’d prefer to wear a tuxedo but it’s simply inconvenient to do so. Say you want to rob a bank but you have to go to your wedding afterward. We condone it, weddings are very expensive. Those champagne colored linen napkins don’t rent themselves, after all. But how are you going to get away with it if the tellers can see your face? Your bride-to-be is going to be livid if she gets stood up at the altar because you’re held up at Rikers Island. Or suppose you’re a concert cellist and you’re playing at the Met in an hour, but your car won’t start. The only solution would be to sprint to the opera, but your tuxedo isn’t optimized for aerodynamics, so you’d still be late. What a drag!If only there were a way to combine the pinnacle of men’s formal wear with the skin tight, form-fitting advantages of a spandex bodysuit. You’d truly have the perfect look — the best of both worlds! So what are you going to do?Well, we’ll tell you exactly what you’re going to do: you’re going to order our Formal Tuxedo Skin Suit and never have to worry about what you’re going to wear ever again. This two-piece mask and bodysuit one-two punch combo is going to knock people’s socks off. What’s a formal occasion if not an excuse to show off every contour of your perfect, chiseled body? It’s not very much at all!