Formal Tuxedo Skin Suit Costume for Kids


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There is a mystery in darkness that cannot be ignored. It is intriguing, drawing us closer to explore and investigate its mysteries, even while it can be a bit intimidating. It’s the not knowing… the not being able to see that makes us curious and understandably worried. Sort of like when you are in your home, relaxing, and hear something that doesn’t be long. Perhaps it is a sudden shattering of a family heirloom. Maybe the creaking of the cookie cabinet door in the midst of the night when you swear you should be alone. Or, and even worse, it might be the sudden silence that permeates the house… a silence where there is normally an expected level of chaos leading you to know that something far more terrible is occurring!Naturally, we’re talking about those kiddos. Phew, can they be full of surprises. It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on in their little heads between the swarming creativity and mischievous antics that they’re planning even while they look at you with such innocence in their beaming faces. Who can trust something so cute yet equally devious!?Well, we’ve come up with the perfect symbol for their identity in this Kid’s Format Tuxedo Skin Suit. This polyester knit fabric skin suit has enclosed feet, attached gloves, and a hood that all connects with the magic of Hook and Loop fastener. The suit has a printed lapel and formal shirt for that grace of elegance, while the shadowy silhouette of your kiddo stands out as an enigma that will obviously take your whole life to completely puzzle out. Accessorize with a black top hat and cane for a shadow-kid perfect for a galla, formal dinner, or ballroom dance competition. We can only hope that giving into the enigma will keep them from getting into too much at the house in the mean time!