Folkmanis Winged Dragon 9″ Puppet


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Wing-a-Ling DragonWhat makes a good dragon? Is it a large number of consummate V’s? Is it having a big beefy arm or two? Maybe it’s all about burninating the countryside! These are all pretty good guesses, but the most important part to being a good dragon is having wings. Everyone knows that the best kind of dragon is a wing-a-ling dragon. This dragon puppet? She’s a wing-a-ling dragon. Check her out in all her majesty!Product DetailsThis Folkmanis Winged Dragon Puppet brings look straight from the pages of fantasy novel right to your puppet show. The dragon is 9 inches tall and is intended for ages 3 and older. It’s soft sculpted, with plenty of scaly details on the outside. It also has a pocket in the underside of the dragon for your hand. Both her arms and head move. The wings are light red color, making her a true wing-a-ling dragon.Dragons in the ShowNow you can have a proper fantasy story at your next puppet show! This dragon adds a real dragon-y vibe to it. She can burninate grass-roof cottages, hoard gold, or do other dragon-like things. Be sure to check out all of our puppets to round out your roster of puppets!