Folkmanis Rattlesnake 9″ Puppet


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Snakes. Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?Not everyone is a fan of snakes. We happen to know about an adventure-seeking archaeologist who has a tough time with them. Sure, they have big, pointy teeth and some of them are dangerous, but should we really let all of the scary snakes sully the good name of all the nice snakes out there? Take this friendly little fella right here.Product DetailsThis Folkmanis Rattlesnake puppet isn’t one of the scary, mean snakes you see in movies. He won’t try to poison anyone and he doesn’t bite… unless you command him to do it! He’s a 9” long puppet made of a soft material. The exterior has a faux scale pattern that makes him look like a real rattlesnake.  He has a pair of cute little puppy dog eyes and his mouth has a little tongue sticking out. There’s a small compartment by his mouth that’s designed for your hand. Just slip your hand inside and you can control his mouth movements.Clearing the Snake NameWe bet if our unnamed archaeologist friend had met this fun little dude, he wouldn’t be so afraid of snakes! So go ahead and start clearing the name for good snakes everywhere with this cute little snake puppet.