Foam Baseball Bat Sports Accessory


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A Heavy HitterHeading out as a baseball player this Halloween? Well, you know that there’s one thing you need. You’ll need a good bat, of course. When you put on a baseball costume, you’ll transform into part of the American legend. Just think about Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio, they were the staple couple of the fifties. Everyone grew up singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. And a game of catch with the parents on a perfect green lawn is a part of any stereotypical image of any picket fence suburban neighborhood. Even something as simple as chewing bubblegum goes with the sunny day image of playing the game. So when you’re out and about with a bat in your hand, you’ve got a picturesque history behind you!Product DetailsThis bat has a blond wood pattern, a rigid plastic core, and has a foam exterior. It has a graceful handle for a comfortable hold and is thirty-two inches long and two inches wide at the thickest point. Use this prop to complete any of our baseball costumes!Go, Team!It’s super easy to make baseball costumes into a group affair. You can choose from all sorts of styles from our men’s vintage uniforms to sweet retro dress uniforms. You could even recruit your loudest friend to play the umpire. Baseball isn’t just a summertime pastime anymore, these cheerful costumes are sure to be a home run at parties as well! You know what they say, teamwork makes dreams work!