Flower Power Hippie Purse


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Taking (Wood)stock Imagine this situation: You’re ready to rock out a legendary outdoor festival. You’re decked out in your best maxi dress, with your round sunglasses poised on your makeup-free face. Your bare feet feel the soft mud beneath you. But wait, you need cash to buy your favorite band’s new record! Then you suddenly need a couple of hair bands to secure two perfect braids and get all that hair off your neck (it’s August, after all). Or, suddenly, the sky opens and pours down rain, and you didn’t bring a poncho…being unprepared is no barefoot walk in the park.  For your next festival, be sure to pack this Flower Power Purse with your necessities! It’s the surest way to keep your flower child look on point and ready for anything. Or, use this bag to keep modern conveniences, like your phone, out of sight while trick or treating in your coordinated retro getup.  Design & Details This Boho-inspired bag is as fun as it is functional! Crafted to look like a wildflower you’d pick and stick behind your ear, this chain-strapped purse can hold all your necessities—plus the intangible free-spirit you’re sure to carry with you wherever you go! Peace, Love, and Flowers Being laid back doesn’t need to mean being unprepared. Stash your on-the-go essentials inside this purse and then hit the road in an old bus, flash your peace sign at a protest, or lie back in the grass and smell the flowers. Just don’t leave home without this flower bag, because you never know where life may take you!