Flower Power 70s Girl’s Costume


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Flower power!Okay, so we’re not exactly sure what that means, because, let’s face it, some of us weren’t old enough to enjoy the early 70s (or even alive in the seventies for that matter), but it sounds cool! We imagine it’s something along the lines of peace, love, and groovy happiness? Yeah? That’s what we thought.From what we understand the early 70s was a time of big sparkly disco dancing, bright neon colors, peace loving, and nature appreciation. We can totally get on board with that. We can also totally get on board with tall white go-go boots, long wavy hair, and flared sleeves, not to mention circular glasses, white suits, and some killer chains. The 70s sure sound like a colorful time to be alive, and it sounds like there were some pretty righteous wardrobe options. If you’re little one is into love, harmony, and happiness, maybe this Flower Power 70s Costume is right for them. It’s got a brightly colored flower-print mini dress with bell sleeves and a headband to match. It even comes with a pink faux fur vest to top it off. Your kid would just need some killer kicks and big bangles to really bring this groovy outfit together. Then they can stomp around like the divas they are, and bust their best disco moves… though you’ll probably want to first explain to them what “groovy” means.