Flower Disco Men’s Shirt | Mens 60s Costume


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drop the phoneHold on! Before you make a Tik Tok, just know that we understand your dilemma: you miss going to the disco and feel anxious because you aren’t up-to-date on the hottest dance trends. We feel that too — especially the nostalgia! Well, now there’s a way to get back to your roots and relive simpler times when fellow clubgoers were doing the hustle and the lawnmower, moves that requires way less coordination and skill. Wear this cool shirt, hit the clubs, and break out some older, safer, less complicated dance moves.product detailsBehold this bad boy! Before we begin to describe this cool shirt, please note, this only contains this amazing long-sleeve. Again: the suave sunglasses are sold separately! This Flower Disco Shirt for men has an all-polyester knit fabric with buttons at the center front and a wide wing collar. The all-over psychedelic floral print will definitely turn heads.where’s the hair?Get yourself a wig, man! If you really want to make a splash at the party with far-out duds paired with blast-from-the-past dance moves, then pick up some must-needed accessories too. Pick up the black sequin disco pants, a gold ‘disco’ necklace, platform shoes, an afro wig and a pair of aviator shades to imitate the exact look pictured here.