Finn the Fox Critter Cap


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SLY CRITTERKids are pretty clever. Their little heads are constantly learning new things and they’re always figuring out new ways to confuse adults. They have no trouble thinking outside of the box. Honestly, we don’t give kids enough credit! They’re kind of like tiny little foxes! Those delightful animals are always using their cunning minds to cook up hijinks, just like your little one! That’s why this Finn the Fox Critter Cap is perfect for your little one. It helps them look like an adorable fox from the neighborhood.PRODUCT DETAILSThis cute Finn the Fox is a comfy Critter Cap for kids. It’s a standard baseball cap style in a bright orange color. Instead of a normal front, it has a cartoon fox face designed into the front. The back has a mesh net for breathability and it also has an adjustable strap for fitting.TOP OFF A FOX COSTUMEIf your child needs a new hat to go with their summer clothes, then this cute hat is a perfect addition to their wardrobe! If you want to make a unique costume based on their favorite animal, then pair this hat with an orange t-shirt and you have an instant fox costume!