Fingerless Black Cropped Women’s Gloves


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Fashion or Function?Most of the clothing we wear has some purpose other than just looking good. We wear certain shoes to protect our feet and thick clothing to keep us warm. We’ve even specialized some clothing for certain activities. We’ve made some types of gloves that can protect you from electric currents, glasses that reduce how much sun gets in your eyes, and specialized hats that protect our heads from falling debris or bicycle crashes. But of course, it’s also fun to wear things that serve no purpose at all other than to look cool. Most jewelry, for example, doesn’t really do much other than to make our friends go “Ooh, shiny!”Product DetailsIf you like to accessorize your outfits without worrying about their practicality, these Fingerless Black Cropped Gloves might be just the thing for you! We can’t guarantee that they’ll keep your fingers warm in the winter, but they’ll definitely look cool with a variety of costumes. Whether you’re dressing like a biker, a witch, or a vampire, they’re sure to add that extra awesome touch. And of course, you don’t have to be wearing a costume to add them to your outfit. If they’re your style, you’ll love having them “handy” all year long!