Faux Mink Wrap


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Darling, looking great is all in the details. A cute black dress is a good start, but accessories, darling. That’s what sets a apart the flapper from your every day kind of Gibson Girl. Gloves, pearls, let’s not forget a feather or two, and of course, a mink fur wrap. Nothing says high fashion and toasting life quite like draping yourself in the luxurious feel of the softest fur in the entire world. Of course, harming a real animal just for fashion is purely barbaric, so we thought of something better. This one is made of synthetic materials, so no animal has to be harmed to steal the attention in any room. The flappers were rebels of the day celebrating after their activism finally gave women the right to vote so we figured they would approve of this stance. This goes perfectly with your flapper dress, or any aristocrat costume! Be sure to check them out too while you’re here.