Faux Ivory Adult Costume Necklace W/ Skull Pendant


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We know, you just need to find that last perfect accessory to complete you dastardly pirate costume, or your wicked witch costume, or maybe this year you’re going for more of a diabolical demon look, either way, we have the perfect finishing touch to add to your outfit. Check out this creepy yet fashionable jewelry! It’s our Faux Ivory Necklace with Skull Pendant! Just look at that collection of bones that could be around your neck. You’re sure to be voted the scariest at whatever costume event you attend. This necklace will be the quickest and easiest way for you to add a frightening hint of realism to any costume. When someone finally finds the nerve to ask you where you obtained your collection of bones, just give them a creepy smile and say something like, “Care to join the collection?” That is sure to solidify your spot as the most terrifying attendee at your next costume party.