Fang Face Vampire Safety Face mask


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Out for a BiteVampires have a lot of flaws. They’re manipulative. They’ll try and invade people’s space at all costs. They’re a little creepy, following people that they don’t even know just because the person smells good. But vampires know how to keep safe when they’re out for a bite. They stay clear of churches and Italian restaurants and any place that uses wooden stakes on the regular, like old fashioned circus tents. Never once has a vampire visited the Palace of Versailles because of that pesky hall of mirrors. Are you heading out for a bite? If you’re like a vamp, you know how to protect yourself too. Slip this mask on and you’ll feel safe and scary all at the same time!Product DetailsThis realistically printed vampire mask will spread shivers everywhere you go while keeping your nose and mouth covered. It has a pocket on the interior for a filter and is stiched to comfortably fit your face. The elastic ear straps fit a variety of sizes. The best part of wearing this creepy vampire mask? You’ll be able to see how creepy you look as a vampire when you look into mirrors. Talk about the best of both worlds!