Fallen Angel Wig


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Listen: we haven’t been to heaven. Most of us haven’t even been to Oklahoma! For all we know, the path that leads through the pearly gates is covered in banana peels and oil slicks. That seems a little unlikely, given that most descriptions of the place make it sound pretty picturesque. But how else are we supposed to account for all of these poor, lonely souls wandering the earth, endlessly searching for Fallen Angel Wigs?Actually, the simplest explanation might be that these are just great-looking hairpieces! Fading from sterling silver on high to an earthier gray tone near the bottom, they’d make a great addition to a lot of different costumes. Grown-up red riding hood? Rock ‘n’ roll vampire? Creepy witch living in a gingerbread cottage? Perfectly-coiffed ghost? Here’s your ticket! Need to look ancient? A little unholy? Does a lot of salt make you crave a little pepper? This is the wig for you!