Fairy Makeup Palette Kit


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Tiny House HuntingImagine living that tiny lifestyle. No, we’re not talking under less than 500 square feet. We’re talking about living in an area that’s less than 500 centimeters. Fairies know all about the best garden real estate. There are so many places to live, as long as a different pollinator isn’t already moved in. What flower would you live in? The rose is always popular. Thorns keep you safe at night while the petals keep you warm. Or you could cuddle up in a Morning Glory and watch the sun come up every morning. Want something unconventional? Try Dutch Man’s Britches or a Snapdragon for close apartment-like living. The choice is yours, all you gotta do is shrink yourself down with a little pixie dust. Product DetailsWhile shrinking yourself down comes with its own set of complications, this makeup lets you take on a pixie persona with simplicity. The four colors pop and are easily applied with a little water and the included brush. You’ll get all sorts of fairy tale colors from a primrose pink to a sparkly green. Create your own look or follow Woochiefx for makeup tutorials. Once your look dries you can enjoy yourself knowing that your pixie face won’t smudge no matter how much you flit around!